• Dying a silk/cotton blend fabric

    Hi, I'm completely new to dying (well other than a completely failed attempt using Rit about 5 years ago but that's probably taboo to talk about...

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    Started by varaonaid

  • Help! Need basic info for setting up shirt-making event

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    Started by Megan1019

  • Novice dye questions

    I'm using Procion MX to dye 100% white cotton duck furniture slipcovers burnt orange. I saw the mixing chart online but am overwhelmed, confused,...

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    Started by Timi Bliss

  • Procion One-Shot vs. MX

    Hi, I just heard of One-Shot for the first time ever, and it seems pretty simple and good. What do you think of it, in comparison to say MX or H or...

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    Started by Airstream

  • do dyes need urea mixed with them?

    I have seen information on mixing dyes that tell you to add some urea to the mixture. Is this necessary/

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    Started by redlumbb

  • Steaming for shibori texture

    I've done shibori using acid dyes as the base color and green label as the overdye. I would like to keep the pleated texture so I know I have to soak...

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    Started by Judy Mc

  • buying dyes on ebay

    Hi, Do MX dyes have a "life span?" what do you think about buying jacquard dyes on ebay? Is it possible that the dyes are old?

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    Started by teal3b

  • Tie-dying with Dye-na-Flow?

    How do I use Dye-na-Flow to tie dye. I know you can dilute with water to tie-dye using squirt bottles, but what is the ratio of water to dye? ...

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    Started by jdwc

  • Mixing brown with Procion liquid H

    I've just started using the Procion liquid H concentrates. Brown is not available so I wondered if someone could advise on how to mix a warm brown...

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    Started by Cassandra

  • Shibori on Silk - best dyes?

    I've just started doing shibori on silk (arashi), but am not clear about dyes. I used Jacquard Acid Dyes for the base color but not sure what dyes to...

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    Started by Judy Mc

  • problem dyeing silk dress

    I had a problem dyeing a silk dress. I used the immersion dyeing method with 030 Fire Engine Red Procion Mx Dye and follow the directions correctly...

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    Started by dedem23

  • painting on fabric

    hi, i have been using procion MX powder inks to paint directly onto cotton fabric, first i was the fabric with soda ash, i mix the powder with cold...

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    Started by kateLA

  • Techniques for Designs

    Hi, Where can I get design instructions beyond those basic ones (spiral, fan, etc.). I like the one used here in the Procion MX/tie-dye section,...

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    Started by celestial_creations

  • oops!!!

    Well, I see that no one has posted for this forum, so hopefully I'll get some feedback... I'm a do-it-for-fun tie-dyer, and I made something I really...

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    Started by angelagabriel