• Gretings from Arizona!!! Help

    :( OK SO I loooove tie dying and that is why I am here but beyond the spirals and fan folds, I dont know how to make the hearts and smiley faces. ...

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    Started by ebonybbw4italian

  • Tie Dye question with Dye-na-flow

    I am new on this, and try to organize a Tie Dye party for kids. Most Tie Dye kit require 8-24 hrs setting time, so the kids wouldn't be able to see...

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    Started by liyan

  • Batik on Silk with Procion MX dyes

    Hi! im using the procion mx dyes for silk batik techniques. However the procedure states that the fabric must be immersed in very hot water if silk...

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    Started by Vinga

  • Dying a silk/cotton blend fabric

    Hi, I'm completely new to dying (well other than a completely failed attempt using Rit about 5 years ago but that's probably taboo to talk about...

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    Started by varaonaid

  • Help! Need basic info for setting up shirt-making event

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    Started by Megan1019

  • Novice dye questions

    I'm using Procion MX to dye 100% white cotton duck furniture slipcovers burnt orange. I saw the mixing chart online but am overwhelmed, confused,...

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    Started by Timi Bliss

  • Procion One-Shot vs. MX

    Hi, I just heard of One-Shot for the first time ever, and it seems pretty simple and good. What do you think of it, in comparison to say MX or H or...

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    Started by Airstream

  • do dyes need urea mixed with them?

    I have seen information on mixing dyes that tell you to add some urea to the mixture. Is this necessary/

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    Started by redlumbb

  • Steaming for shibori texture

    I've done shibori using acid dyes as the base color and green label as the overdye. I would like to keep the pleated texture so I know I have to soak...

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    Started by Judy Mc

  • buying dyes on ebay

    Hi, Do MX dyes have a "life span?" what do you think about buying jacquard dyes on ebay? Is it possible that the dyes are old?

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    Started by teal3b

  • Tie-dying with Dye-na-Flow?

    How do I use Dye-na-Flow to tie dye. I know you can dilute with water to tie-dye using squirt bottles, but what is the ratio of water to dye? ...

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    Started by jdwc

  • Mixing brown with Procion liquid H

    I've just started using the Procion liquid H concentrates. Brown is not available so I wondered if someone could advise on how to mix a warm brown...

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    Started by Cassandra

  • Shibori on Silk - best dyes?

    I've just started doing shibori on silk (arashi), but am not clear about dyes. I used Jacquard Acid Dyes for the base color but not sure what dyes to...

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    Started by Judy Mc

  • problem dyeing silk dress

    I had a problem dyeing a silk dress. I used the immersion dyeing method with 030 Fire Engine Red Procion Mx Dye and follow the directions correctly...

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    Started by dedem23

  • painting on fabric

    hi, i have been using procion MX powder inks to paint directly onto cotton fabric, first i was the fabric with soda ash, i mix the powder with cold...

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    Started by kateLA

  • Techniques for Designs

    Hi, Where can I get design instructions beyond those basic ones (spiral, fan, etc.). I like the one used here in the Procion MX/tie-dye section,...

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    Started by celestial_creations

  • oops!!!

    Well, I see that no one has posted for this forum, so hopefully I'll get some feedback... I'm a do-it-for-fun tie-dyer, and I made something I really...

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    Started by angelagabriel