• Interference color

    I bought the interference blue, and I'm not sure exactly what I am supposed to use it for. It really doesn't show up at all, and I guess I just don't...

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    Started by Kristen

  • Pearl Ex on cakes

    I am a teacher of cake decorating techniques. I was asked today if Pearl Ex can be used on gumpaste or fondant cake decorations as we use luster...

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    Started by ccreations

  • Pearl EX interference pigment powders

    Hi folks. I have recently purchased some Pearl Ex interference powders. I have mixed the powders with a transparent medium for airbrushing. I have...

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    Started by Raist3001

  • Jacquard® Pearl Ex as eyeshadow?

    No, I haven't done this, but I have heard from people who have. Is this product safe for use near eyes? I'm going to assume no, but from...

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    Started by princess957

  • helppppppppp pleaseeeee :-(

    http://jacquard.tempdomainname.com/forums/images/smilies/confused.gif hi i have literaly just found out about Pearl Ex and have no idea how to use...

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    Started by j0anne2403

  • how to use pearl ex in your scrapbooking?

    I have some jars of pearl ex and am not sure how to use them on my scrapbooking pages.I am currently doing a canvas and was wondering if they need to...

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    Started by maggie64

  • pearl ex and lampworked beads

    I make lampworked beads. There is a fine powdered pigment that is called pixie dust that can be sprinkled on beads after they have been shaped. They...

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    Started by jjj

  • Polymer Clay Guild starting in Oklahoma

    A number of polymer clay enthusiasts have found each other in the greater Oklahoma City area. To further our hobby and have fun playing together, we...

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    Started by Penni_Jo

  • Grouting Question

    Hi, Can the Pearl Ex be used in grout? If so, how? thanks, Jane

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    Started by janericki

  • Pearl Ex On Glass

    How Can Pearl Ex Be Painted On Glass To Make A REVERSE GLASS Abstract Painting?

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    Started by BARBARA

  • painting on glass

    Can Pearl Ex be used on glass and then fired in a kiln?

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    Started by d mcdonald

  • pearl ex and silk screen

    Any suggestions for the best way to use pearl ex pigments with silk screen extenders? Can I mix them into any extender, or must they sit in top? or...

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    Started by RCMcArty

  • Pearl Ex in a gallon of Latex to mimic metalic paint

    Has anyone ever mixed Pearl Ex in a gallon of Latex paint for walls to mimic metallic sheen paint? Seems like an inexpensive alternative to me and...

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    Started by sweetpeastacieleigh

  • Screen printing with pearl ex pros cons and technical discussion

    im intrested in peoples experiences screen printing with jacquard products. im perticularly intrested in the use of pearl ex products on both paper...

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    Started by Dangeln

  • Hi from Florida!

    I just registered on this site and I have to tell you all how much I love Jacquard Pigments! Well, there's not enough room here... but it's bunches...

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    Started by treva.briggs

  • Newbie


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    Started by JILLYBEAN

  • Pearlex to make "mother of pearl"?

    I have been trying to find a source for for imitation mother of pearl. I finally found a company that has it, but after purchasing some samples I...

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    Started by smparinson

  • Airbrush Pearl Ex Outside

    Hi there.. just purchased some Pearl Ex for Airbrushing and plan to apply it to ceramic tiles for outdoor use.. 4 questions: 1. Can I apply them...

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    Started by johnstonamerica

  • Using Interference Color

    Hi! I bought a PearlEx Interference Color/Blue stamp pad and I am not really sure how to use it. Can anyone out there help me? Thanks.

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    Started by carla51

  • Pearl-Ex and embossed metals - What is the best medium to use?

    Hello, fellow artisans -- HELP! Has anyone had success with applying Pearl-ex to embossed aluminum (such as ArtEmboss which is essentially...

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    Started by EJ Frost

  • pearl ex

    Hello, i'm new to this forum, I have been using pearl ex for a few years I use it to tint polymer clay, which I then use to make book covers and...

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    Started by Jay

  • pearl ex

    ok probably the dumbest question ever, but the pearl ex is make with mica powder, which is the main ingredient in eyeshadow pigments... can the pearl...

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    Started by deelite926

  • Pearl Ex and Stamping on Fabric

    Is is possible to punch up some lumiere with pearl ex, apply to a stamp pad and then apply to a painted fabric??? I want to obtain a really shiny...

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    Started by Lovelypainteddancer

  • Re-inkers

    Just trying to locate some re-inkers for my stamp pads!

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    Started by clpike