• Metalic Pearl Ex Tarnished

    I made a number of items years ago using pearl ex metalic powders on polymer clay, using real leaves as stamps. I varnished them with Flecto...

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    Started by judaiclay

  • Powdercoating with your product

    New to this forum, and also new to this product. Was wondering if someone could let me know what the process would be in using this product in the...

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    Started by prismpowder

  • Pearl-Ex and Swimwear Fabric

    How would i put the pearl ex pigment onto swimwear fabric? What do I mix the pigments with to make a fabric paint that will stay on for a long time?

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    Started by hanngcun

  • Using Pearl Ex on Baked Clay-Fixative to use?

    Hi, Somone please help! :-) I am using Pearl Ex Powders on BAKED polymer clay. Can someone please tell me what product I can use that comes in a...

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    Started by jonwill201

  • New and have questions

    Hi, I just watched a tutorial on stamping with a versamark pad and using PearlEx. I have heard of other powders but not this one. Can it be mixed...

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    Started by rubyinga

  • Pearl-Ex and Crystal casting resin

    I would like to know if it is possible to mix liquid Pearl-Ex pigments with Crystal castin resin. Thanks for your advise, petra

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    Started by PETRAH

  • Silkscreening problems

    Hi everyone! Well I'm trying to silkscreen pearlex onto paper and I want a color that is green but a bit transparent when looking straight on at it...

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    Started by dpib

  • PearlEx on Pure Silver - Precious Metal Clay

    Has anyone ever used PearlEx on pure silver? I have several fired pieces of PMC and was wondering how to adhere PearlEx to these pieces. I've read...

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    Started by angiesan

  • Dyeing silk

    When dyeing silk, can you use the Pearl Ex with any dye and will it set properly without coming out?

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    Started by Kathee j

  • Pearl Ex for use in a little spray bottle ?

    l have mixed it with a little water and sprayed it on my paper - but after it dried, it just wiped off ! What did or didn't I do right? What do I...

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    Started by craftsforever2004

  • Pearl-ex as make up?

    Some of my daughter's friends have used pearl-ex as eye makeup. Is this safe? I know the product is non-toxic and can be mixed with nail polish,...

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    Started by domelady

  • Photographing Pearl Ex Paintings Question

    Hi there, I've made a few paintings by layering up Pearl Ex in Grumbacher Gel and Weber Res-n-gel. I also work in black and other regular oils to...

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    Started by ZOD!!!

  • Pearl Ex and oil based paints

    I am new to the Pearl EX pigments and wonder if and/or how they may be mixed with oil colors.

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    Started by shizuma33

  • Pearl Ex Pigments - Help Question

    Hi, I am new to this site and find all the threads interesting. I am trying to find out how I can apply pearl ex metallic pigments to a...

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    Started by Boyle1770

  • Interference colors?

    Howdy All, Obviously, I'm a newbie at using these materials because I wonder what the "Interference" colors are for???? I'm working on a...

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    Started by Mabe

  • Pear Ex and lampwork

    I am new to lampwork and during my class we used mica powder to burn into the surface of glass beads. Can Pearl Ex be used safely and effectively for...

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    Started by denny

  • How Are Interference Colors Different?

    I've read that interference colors show up better on black or other dark colors. But does Interference Gold, for example, really look a LOT...

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    Started by Karlene-Frances

  • Pearl Ex in Melt and Pour (Glycerin) soap???

    Is this a yes or a no?

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    Started by charlottesmom

  • any potters out there???

    hi there, has anyone used pearl-ex with underglazes or high fire glazes? i am trying to figure out a way to incorporate these pigments into my new...

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    Started by rowdy79

  • Pearl ex on painted polymer clay

    So I just discovered pearl ex and it's great. Only problem is i use super sculpey and paint my sculptures. I tested and if you add it then spray a...

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    Started by Reaper1242

  • Help please

    Could you confirm for me please as to which colours are which. I am looking for both the Opaque & Translucent look. I do understand the...

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    Started by ozEliene

  • Help Me Out Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Can you use the Pearl Ex Powderd Pigments Series 2 on Acrylic Nails also for designs on them as well?????

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    Started by cherrykiss007

  • faux stained glass

    I would like to create a painting on glass - to look like stained glass. I was wondering if PearlEx powders can be used to paint on glass. If so,...

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    Started by StampinPenguin

  • Pearl ex powders

    Hi I just found this forum today. I have been using Pearl ex powders on my Polyclay beads, but have not really known how to do it properlyas I find...

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    Started by Ginagal2

  • PearlX on gourds

    I do gourd artwork and use Lumeier and Neopaque as well as other inks and dyes. I just got an assortment of PearlX powders and wonder if anyone has...

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    Started by whiteoakfarm