• Hello from Portugal

    I there, My name is Ruben I,m from Portugal. I came across Jacquard, once i'm looking for products to personalize shoes. Exist a lot of products,...

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    Started by rubenmsoares

  • Greetings!

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums as well as the dye game, so I look forward to learning a lot while I'm here. I'm starting my adventures in...

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    Started by CatchUNextTuesday

  • Newbie with plush questions

    Hello! I have a vast history in textiles, some of it on the unusual side ( I was a milliner for many years and have also done restoration on antique...

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    Started by Lulululu

  • Visit

    We travel up 101 monthly. I located your offices last week but honored the 'not for the public' signs. Would it be possible to make an appointment to...

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    Started by detobias

  • NewBie Here!

    Hi all ,I am Mathieu new to this discussion forum.

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    Started by mathieul

  • Hi I'm new!

    Hi everyone, Stumbled on the site looking for answers to life's important questions.. like: How to remove dye from suede or nubuck shoes? But I'll...

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    Started by benjib

  • i am new here to say hi to all of you!

    Hello,everybody, i am new here to say hi to you all. Have a good day!

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    Started by jasonfabric

  • I salute you

    I'm a beginner, so i have to introduce myself. My name in Andrei, from Romania. I am a noob in screen printing. My first encounter in this field...

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    Started by decadurabolin

  • newbie

    Hi, Im a newbie here & just want to say hello. Hoping to find common goals,& info. Marni .

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    Started by silkcut

  • Hello from California!

    Hello, all! I'm new to this forum. I'm on a mission to catalog all the fabric, quilting, and sewing forums on the internet for a fun project. I...

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    Started by jeanhudson

  • Warmest greetings everyone!

    Hi everyone, Just shouting out a hello and letting everybody know what I do-- I do decorative concrete overlays on kitchen/bathroom countertops &...

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    Started by the_concrete_artist

  • my first post..

    hi everyone.. just want to say a quick hello..see you all around guys..:)

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    Started by warwick

  • Check her out!

    Celia, one of the moderators here at the Forum has a couple of workshops coming up early next year. Celia is an accomplished surface design artist...

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    Started by [Deleted User]

  • Anybody out there? anet....pburch

    anet.....pburch...?....moderator....administrator? ....where is everybody? i have a very important question and nobody will help me! baby chris

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    Started by chris

  • Hello From Southern California....

    Hi All!....My Name is Cori, I am from So Cali, I run Mac OSX, Adobe design package, 24" vinyl cutter & a single color screen printer. I just...

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    Started by Core Graffiks

  • just joined from Michigan

    Hello Everybody!!! I have no experience with fabric dyeing but I have always found it interesting. Now I am in a belly dance class...

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    Started by cm4bleenmb64

  • Intro (sorry - should have done this first

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    Started by snowgoose

  • lorryuncori here!

    Hi! I'm Lorryuncori. How are you? :)

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    Started by lorryuncori

  • greetings

    hey everyone, i just joined and wanted to say hi. :)

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    Started by schemingturkey

  • Helllo From Megridigitizing

    Hello to all. I am working for Megri.net.We are a digitizing company since last 8 years.I am myself doing alot of embroidery digitizing and color...

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    Started by megridigitizing

  • So, does anybody have a career doing this?

    Or even a viable sideline? I've always wanted to make a living doing creative stuff and love playing with all these things; I rarely even cover my...

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    Started by Lunargent

  • Hello from Jacquard!

    Hi! I'm Sue Stover and I work part-time here at Jacquard. My official title more or less here is Marketing/Imaging Associate, which just means I do a...

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    Started by [Deleted User]