• Mixing inks

    Can alcohol inks be mixed to obtain a different color? Has anybody tried this. I need a lighter color of purple for some drink cups I'm making.

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    Started by Momto2

  • Lightfast ratings for alcohol inks

    Hi there. My question is regarding the piñata inks. I use them regularly in my work but have concerns with fading. I realize these are dye based...

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    Started by jmonte

  • Preserving Alcohol Ink Paintings

    Do I have to use anything to preserve my alcohol Ink paintings? If so, what should I be using? Thank you

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    Started by GrandmaLinda

  • Lightfastness of the Pinata Inks

    I am worry about the resistance to natural light of the Pinata Inks. Would you tell me how many years they are supposed to resist to fading when...

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    Started by LamirandeArt

  • Piñata colors on metal

    Can piñata colors be used on copper? If used on bracelet or jewelry do u need to seal it?

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    Started by patwillbanks

  • Christmas Ornaments

    I own a store that carries the Pinata colors. Our customers are having some trouble making the Christmas ornaments. They are putting the...

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    Started by JuWukela

  • Permanently Setting Pinata Paints

    I have been playing with the Pinatas and just having a blast! My question tho is how to set them so they are permanent, mainly on glass and metal,...

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    Started by LaughingCatDesigns

  • Old Pinata leaving "specks"

    I have some bottles of Pinata that have been sitting in my apt. for a year or more, unused, and I just recently pulled them out and tried to mix some...

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    Started by bdbear10

  • Anyone used Pinata on Cotton Blends and Polyester

    I've used every product jacquard has for painting or stamping on fabric but none have stood up to more than a few washing, even hand-washing. I heat...

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    Started by HarmonyDesigner

  • Pen and ink work

    I just purchased some pinata havana brown ink for pen and ink work. I love the color and the way it handles the paper. Q-How do you get it out of the...

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    Started by Chi E Shenam Westin

  • Pinata ink dyes & Gourds

    What is the best sealer for pinata ink dyes applied to a gourd? I want to seal them under a very high gloss final coat that won't yellow too much...

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    Started by CarolASig

  • what can it be used on?

    i have old either plastic or glass beads. will pinata ink adhere on plastic? i am confused: do i just need to buy the ink its self or do i need a...

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    Started by meggysue

  • Mix with resin ?

    Is it possible to mix Pinata inks with resin because I tried with some other ink products but it didn't work. Thanks

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    Started by katiagalzy

  • Can I use pinata inks to paint on Croc's sandals?

    I'm looking for something to paint Croc's flip flop sandals with that will be permanent..colorful..and will not peel or split etc....Croc's are made...

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    Started by santaclaws

  • pinata on glass bottles

    Hello..I have a lot of medicine bottles from work I am trying to paint to use/sell as bud vases. I have been using Ranger Alcohol inks but want to...

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    Started by inkyfingers

  • Pinata yellow changing to orange and red

    I'm making corn cob ink pens. There is a write up in Woodturning magazine giving a tutorial of this process. The author of that article used Dye Na...

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    Started by pmpartain

  • Pinata

    Hi...are Pinata inks and Pinata dyes one in the same? Thanks

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    Started by Craftaholic9

  • Pinata On Glass Mirror Surface

    hi there! I just bought a set of Pinata paints looking to paint on a mirror and on glass vases( items that cannot be heat cured) because I was told...

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    Started by madison

  • larger bottles of Pinata

    I read somewhere that Pinata ink comes in 4ounce bottles. I am spearheading a fundraiser and the item we are making uses lots of Pinata ink. Can you...

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    Started by mary morgan

  • lightfast inks???

    I've had some of these cool Pinata color inks sitting around here in my studio and am finally ready to use them...I created some awesome mosaic tiles...

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    Started by garden_candy

  • glass ornaments

    I saw beautiful glass ornaments using Pinata alcohol paints on the Carol Duvall show this week. Have any of you made these? I would like to make...

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    Started by bearbaby

  • Pinata Tutorial?

    Hi. I've seen some beautiful pictures of things that have been made with Pinata and Polymer Clay, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to...

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    Started by Carli

  • Making Pinata permanent on ceramic

    I decorated a mug with Pinata colors and let it sit for 48 hours, but the colors all washed off the first time I washed the mug by hand. Is there a...

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    Started by Hovawart