• Dying silk/bamboo yarn

    I want to dye some sil k/bamboo yarn (Patons silk bamboo, 70% bamboo and 30% silk). The "moss" color isn't green enough. What dye would be...

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    Started by rachelpenticuff

  • Dye sun-damaged silk/linen blend jacket

    Hello...I have a silk/linen blend jacket that has been discolored by sun damage (I think). I love the jacket and would like to see if I can save it....

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    Started by JackStraw

  • Sneaker help

    im new to this forum so please be nice 😀. I’m keen to dye the Upper of a out of all white sneakers which I’m guessing is a mixture of...

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    Started by Mrm2204

  • Deciding what dye to use on metallic fabric

    Hi everyone! I am doing a pin up contest and have a jumpsuit that I am wanting to customize. I want to paint some metallic red lightning bolts on the...

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    Started by Mthomas95