• Airbrushing Lycra

    Hi I m just about to launch into airbrushing onto lycra using neon and normal colours. Has anyone got experience tips they can share with me? Do you...

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    Started by QueenFrog

  • airbrush work

    good morning.

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    Started by iseeyou786

  • Airbrush color question

    Since the Jacquard airbrush colors are light fast and wash fast and suitable for painting on metal could these be used in...

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    Started by rjlobley

  • Clear Coat Issues

    I have just started using the airbrush colors on my muskie baits and they work great. However I have always used Envirotex-lite epoxy for a thick...

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    Started by muskiemark

  • airbrush colors

    In you tips on using the airbrush colors use mention thinning them with water. How much water to 4 oz bottle of color?

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    Started by wuudy2