• Paint changing color ?

    Hi, I mixed a lovely shade of gray (Dye Na Flow emerald and brick), and the first piece I painted with it was perfect. The second and third pieces...

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    Started by bonita

  • Dye-Na-Flow rubbing off of canvas

    I recently painted a canvas purse with Dye-Na-Flow. Because the front of the bag is partially made of PVC plastic, I was only able to iron the...

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    Started by ladydorian

  • Diluting Dye Na Flow with water

    Hi, 2 questions...appreciate any advice on this: -Does anyone have information on how much water I can mix with Dye Na Flow and still have it set...

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    Started by Wren

  • Got dye-na-flow on carpet

    I love your products! I spilled some blue dye-na-flow on the beige carpet, and the husband is not too pleased. Would you know if there is anything I...

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    Started by Monikap

  • Dry Cleaning Dyna-flo

    Can Dyna-flo be dried cleaned after heat setting? I want to paint a 19.5MM silk tie. I like the way dyna-flo flows on the silk. But concerned...

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    Started by Nancyo

  • Dy Na Flow rubbing off

    I'm in the middle of making a couple of rhythmic gymnastic costumes that are airbrushed using Jacquard's Dy Na Flow. It is excellent for airbrushing...

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    Started by Alangus

  • Steam setting Dye-Na-Flow or steam setting acrylic paints

    I am creating a silk painting with Jacquard Red Label dyes on 12mm Habotai Silk. I did not plan the whites out very well and my highlights are...

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    Started by sdenisestover

  • dyenaflow heat setting

    Hi There, I have used dyenaflow paints (with slight water dilution) to colour t-shirts. The t-shirts have a batik pattern I applied in the...

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    Started by LisaWicks

  • Dy-Na-Flo

    I have had a lot of fading with the Dy-Na-Flo paint on silk. I have been ironing it but am not sure if I am supposed to sit in one spot for 3 minutes...

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    Started by qirfa

  • Using discharge on Dye-Na-Flow

    I have been making painted scarves using Dye-No-Flow (love it) and would like to start discharging the color. The instructions and tutorials that I...

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    Started by yarnspinner

  • Using Dye-Na-Flow on silk/wool fabric

    I've been using Dye-Na-Flow for painting silk scarves and would like to start painting silk/wool blend scarves. So I am looking for any advice,...

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    Started by yarnspinner

  • large design on a tent?

    I had an idea to make my dome tent look more medieval by replacing the synthetic rainfly with one I will make from 100% linen and putting my coat of...

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    Started by zolcos

  • Can I submerge a swimsuit in the dye-na-flow?

    I have a black and white bathing suit that I trying to "dye" to all black. I purchased the Dye-na-flow in black. Do I just submerge the...

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    Started by Scotthousebills

  • Heat Setting Dye-na-flow options

    Hello. I have been using dye-na-flow on silk for years now and have always heat set it with an iron with great success. I have a ton of silk that I...

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    Started by springandfall

  • Best methods to Fix a Polyester dress painted with Dye-NA Flow

    Hi, I painted a fancy chiffon polyester dress using Dye-Na Flow paints yesterday. I was wondering how to best fix the dress. I know ironing is...

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    Started by Paraiba

  • Mixing Dye na flow

    I tried mixing blue and red dye na flow to create purple. I started painting on cotton, as the colors started bleeding through the fabric it almost...

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    Started by nadineac

  • Dye-na-flow

    I had used red label & steaming method for my silk painting before. I am trying out Dye-na-flow for my new project. I fixed it by ironing as...

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    Started by young

  • Dye-Na-Flow to color wool roving?

    I want to hand paint some small pieces of wool roving for use in jewelry and want to be able to spontaneously add color if I need to. I wondered if...

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    Started by rubyd

  • Using Dye-na-flow as tie dye on acetate

    has anyone used the paint as a spray for tie dye effect ? I want to use it on an acetate fabric...should i dilute it more ?

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    Started by charms61

  • dye-na-flow onesies question

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about using Dye-na-flow on cotton onesies for babies. I am doing a onesie decorating activity at my baby shower,...

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    Started by LisaWicks

  • Dye-Na-Flow setting

    OK - up front I'm a newbie at this and I sort of hate asking - it's just that I'm really tight on materials to test.. I'm building a "knock...

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    Started by canoesandlampshades

  • Painting Tee shirts

    Is there another way to make Dye-na-Flow fabric paint permanent on cotton -poly tee shirts without ironing it? I'm afraid to iron over the Elmer's...

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    Started by chris9024

  • Dye na flow for large areas

    Hello I would like to make a bedskirt that looks like it is dip-dyed but instead of having the sharp contrast dip dyed edge look I'd like it to...

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    Started by rosie

  • Safe for baby clothes?

    I am interested in buying the DyeNaFlow paints for painting organic cotton baby clothes - are these paints considered non-toxic or natural? I assume...

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    Started by andj1027

  • Screen printing with Dyenaflow

    I have used Dyenaflow on silk and am very happy with the results. I would like to expand and print with them on silk scarves but since the...

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    Started by pilar3