• dye-na-flow onesies question

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about using Dye-na-flow on cotton onesies for babies. I am doing a onesie decorating activity at my baby shower,...

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    Started by LisaWicks

  • Dye-Na-Flow setting

    OK - up front I'm a newbie at this and I sort of hate asking - it's just that I'm really tight on materials to test.. I'm building a "knock...

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    Started by canoesandlampshades

  • Painting Tee shirts

    Is there another way to make Dye-na-Flow fabric paint permanent on cotton -poly tee shirts without ironing it? I'm afraid to iron over the Elmer's...

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    Started by chris9024

  • Dye na flow for large areas

    Hello I would like to make a bedskirt that looks like it is dip-dyed but instead of having the sharp contrast dip dyed edge look I'd like it to...

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    Started by rosie

  • Safe for baby clothes?

    I am interested in buying the DyeNaFlow paints for painting organic cotton baby clothes - are these paints considered non-toxic or natural? I assume...

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    Started by andj1027

  • Screen printing with Dyenaflow

    I have used Dyenaflow on silk and am very happy with the results. I would like to expand and print with them on silk scarves but since the...

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    Started by pilar3

  • painting on lycra

    I am wanting to dye lycra. I want it to be a blending of colors. I have tried the dye n flow but when I wash the fabric it is not very bright. At...

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    Started by exp

  • Dye n Flow

    I am using dye flow paints on lycra. I have used the fixer because I did not want to heat set it. When I was the fabric it comes out much lighter. ...

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    Started by exp

  • I have a rack

    Hi all, I have a rack with 2 tiers, each tier holds 48 large bottles. It also will hold the smaller 3 gram jars. I bought this from a stamp store...

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    Started by bam2873

  • Microwave silk scarf

    I am new at this. I would like to make a silk scarf using the microwave technique. I will be using the Dynaflow paints. Is it okay to use this...

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    Started by jmlawton

  • Silk gets stiff after painting

    Newbie here to silk painting....I'm using Dye-na-flow as directed ("Simply apply to pre-washed fabric with a brush, squirt bottle, sponge, or...

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    Started by kritt

  • Damp or dry fabric for Dyna Flow?

    I just bought Dyna-Flow for the first time. I want to dye fat quarter size cotton fabric. I've checked everywhere, but can't figure out whether this...

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    Started by dollyt

  • Tips for a first time DNF user?

    Hi there! I'm going to make a kimono for a cosplay that I'm doing, but just because it's cosplay doesn't mean I don't want it to look good and...

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    Started by nevroth

  • How to fix dye-na-flow's bleeding.

    I applied no-flow over the area where I wanted 2 colors to meet, but not mix. I must not have applied enough, because after applying just my first...

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    Started by rogue2010

  • dye-na-flow on polyester/spandex blend

    i reaaaally want to dye a dress i have black! but it is 98% polyester and 2% spandex, and i have found out i cant dye that. but i read on pburch.net...

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    Started by nenagh

  • Heat Setting Dye Na Flow

    What would happen if you did not heat set Dye Na Flow when it was used on silk that would not be laundered later? I guess what I'm really asking...

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    Started by Jaycarp

  • Tie Dye before or after painting on Dyna Flow?

    Should I tie dye my garment before or after I paint on it with Dy-na-flow paints? Thanks! Megan

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    Started by lazorskim

  • Problem applying Dyna Flow inside resist/gutta lines

    I used Jacquard's water-based resist in silver and drew a butterfly on a 8 mm silk scarf ("flat crepe scarf"). I then mixed several Dyna...

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    Started by bernhard

  • troubles with lycra, and Dye na flow

    Okay here's the deal, I'm cosplaying as a video game character called Midna. I ordered a black lycra zentai suit and soaked it in No Flow. Then after...

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    Started by TophTheRunaway

  • How to keep vibrant colors with Dyna Flow on Silk scarves

    I just started using Dyna Flow for making painted silk scarves as gifts. My kids also love it and we did a class project--17 3rd graders + 40 blank...

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    Started by Joy

  • Would like to spray fabric church chairs with Dyna Flo

    Hello, My church has approximately 80 faded fabric chairs and I would like to use an air compressor to spray them a navy blue with the Dyna Flow...

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    Started by alan Stone

  • Is dye-na-flow transparent or opaque?

    So I have a silk shirt who's color is just a little 'off' for my skin tone. I was thinking about painting it - maybe a shibori type pattern....But...

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    Started by tollertwins

  • Using Dye-na-Flow on paper

    I just purchased the Dye-na-Flow Exciter Pack at a Scrapbook Expo. I’m a new scrapbooker and my initial intention was to create my own ribbon...

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    Started by Octlove

  • Dye-na-flow and resists

    Hello! I have just begun using Dye-na-flow paints with the gutta resists. I am trying to get different colors of paint to lay next to each other,...

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    Started by sallyrutherford

  • Dye-na-flow mistakes

    I have been painting with dye-na-flow. I have gotten some spots on cotton and silk. What is the best way to remove them before I heat set? Has anyone...

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    Started by rainywintergirl