• Carpet painting

    Hi I have been painting designs with Dye-na-Flow on pieces of carpet to make rugs. By carpet I mean the sort with a pile, some pieces have a high...

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    Started by MaryMary

  • Carpet painting

    Hi I have been painting designs with Dye-na-Flow on pieces of carpet to make rugs. By carpet I mean the sort with a pile, some pieces have a high...

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    Started by MaryMary

  • The lightfastness of Dye-Na-Flow

    I have been a painter for many years , using the "classic" acrylics ( like Liquitex) on canvas. I recently discovered Dye-Na-Flow, and have...

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    Started by dumaine609

  • question on dye na flow

    Hi, I have the starter kit for DNF and was wondering if I can use it for stamping onto fabric, as it is quite thin I wondered if it would mix well...

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    Started by nettiemay

  • Dye-na-flow use

    We are new to dye-na-flow and have bought the "exciter kit." The label states it is concentrated. Do I dilute it to use it? If so, what...

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    Started by All4kidz

  • Adding vinegar to Dye Na Flow

    My local craft store does not carry acid dyes (they never heard of it), I need to paint on nylon, can I add vinegar to Dye Na Flow to achieve...

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    Started by AirRaid

  • Steaming Question

    Hi, I have recently started using Dye-na-flow on silk. The instructions say that ironing will be enough to set the dye, but can I still steam the...

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    Started by ellie52

  • Fabric wet or dry?

    This is my first attempt at using Dye-na-Flow. Should I wet the fabric first? I have prewashed & dried it. None of the instructions I've seen tell...

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    Started by dodiemae

  • How to correct mistake -dynaflow

    OK, I was cleaning out my closet and decided it was time to try and fix this beautiful green linen shirt that has a white spot on it. I bleached...

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    Started by lcasals

  • Dye-na-Flow on Watercolor Paper

    Aloha! Can I use Dye-Na-Flow and/or Luminere on watercolor paper? What about lightfastness? Any help would be appreciated! Mahalo!

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    Started by bluehawaii670

  • Dy-na-flow question

    I have been experimenting with fabric paints to make large banners using all cotton fabric. The first batch came out nice but the colors really...

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    Started by revherup

  • Dy-na-flow and resist methods

    Hi, I just purchased some Dy-na-flow colors yesterday and this weekend I want to get aquainted with it. The store where I purchased it was out of...

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    Started by stlcarolyn

  • Questions from a newbee

    I just purchased the Dye-Na-Flow 9 pack. There were so many to choose from at the store. I just tried painting on the fabric inside a black line and...

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    Started by gretchen

  • Dyeing Slinky Fabric

    I am dyeing slinky fabric to use for some dance costumes. I will be trying to create a "water" type feel. I will be using Dynaflow dyes. ...

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    Started by sewsillyanne

  • Tie-dying with Dye-na-Flow?

    How do I use Dye-na-Flow to tie dye. I know you can dilute with water to tie-dye using squirt bottles, but what is the ratio of water to dye? ...

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    Started by jdwc

  • Quilting over fabric paints.

    Hi. I have been using Dye Na flow to create fabric pictures. The Dye Na Flow is very soft and I have been stitching over the paint with my sewing...

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    Started by gay denesse

  • Teaching

    Hello, I have been working with Jacquard Dye-na-flow for about 9 mounths and have just taught my first class. WOW!!! I didn't have as many students...

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    Started by Carolyn Arts

  • What is the next step after Dynaflow?

    I have been using dynaflow and love it! I have started dying large pieces for making garments. What is the next step (product) that is easy to use...

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    Started by CraftersCafe