• Marbling Tumblers

    Hello everyone. Another newbie here so please be kind 🙂. I am looking for marbling things like Cups and harder products so I want a solution that...

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    Started by melissa75240

  • Marbling colors on silk scarves are pale

    I have just started marbling silk scarves and on every scarf the colors are pastel and pale. I am using the Jacquard marbling colors. I am mixing...

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    Started by Pamela44

  • How to discard methocel solution?

    I can't find any information about how to properly dispose of methocel thickened water. I'm not sure if it can just be poured down the drain or what...

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    Started by Jennyk

  • Marbling Silk

    I have a few questions about the steps after the silk has been printed, as I'm not entirely happy with my degree of color retention. Here's my...

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    Started by lauren

  • Problem With Marbling Silk & the Paints Not Adhering

    I hope you can help me with a problem that has cropped up using Jacquard marbling paints. I did a lot of testing over a couple of months and...

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    Started by Dyeaholic

  • Galvanized Drip Pans/WaterMarbling

    New here and I'd like to know if it's safe to use a Galvanized pan to do Water Marbling. The usual chemicals are carageenan, methocel, alum, sodium...

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    Started by QuiltsIAm

  • Marbling Inks Troubleshooting

    Hi all, My studio is new to Jacquard Marbling Inks, we love that we can use it on all sorts of materials and doesn't require a huge amount of time...

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    Started by flora

  • colors separating on the size- water marbling

    I am having trouble with too much blank space between colors on top of the size. The colors initially spread, but don't really touch each other. ...

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    Started by DanaB

  • marbling paper

    I am having difficulty with overall consistent results in the marbling process. In my recent attempts I have been using Jacquard marbling inks on a ...

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    Started by wbh

  • Marbling - Water and paint to make scarfs

    I would like some information on how to set up a marbling station. I know they put something in the water but I don't know what it is or the ratio...

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    Started by katrew717

  • Marbling

    In using your paints to marble, I am having problems with the paints fading when they hit the water solution. They become nearly pastel in color. ...

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    Started by djw

  • Mixing Marbling Colours

    Hi there, Just wondering if I can mix different colours that I got in the marbling kit together. The colours in the kit aren't quite right for...

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    Started by CodyW

  • Marbling Kit - Methocel query

    I bought the Paper Marbling kit the other day and had my first attempt at marbling yesterday. I have a question that I'm hoping you may be able to...

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    Started by Chuzley

  • paint tearing problems when marbling silk

    I am using Jacquard textile paints for marbling silk. I am having a problem with the paint tearing and leaving open holes with no color. It happens...

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    Started by joletta

  • Marbling - Methocel Sinking to bottom

    Hello! I've decided to have a go with the jacquard marbling kit and i'm having a bit of trouble with the thickner/methocel, I've stuck to the...

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    Started by howdygal

  • Marbling silk scarves

    Hi, I am about to try out marbling on silk scarves and wondered which paints or inks would be bet for this purpose. I have the jacquard marbling kit...

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    Started by Suzanne

  • Marbeling on cotton

    Do you know what dyes to use for marbeling on cotton tee shirts? -Tia

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    Started by Sola

  • marbling

    I am marbling silk scarves. They are 22" X 72". I have used textile paints and dye n flow. They are coming out light color. Is there a...

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    Started by express

  • Marbling Color on Silk?

    Hi, I have extra Jacquard Marbling Color in the bottles, can I use it to paint on a silk scarf? If so do I need to add anything to it or thin it?...

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    Started by fwilliams

  • Marbling on Silk

    I used some of the Airbrush Paints on silk but am left with the paint feel on the surface. I really liked the results of the colors BUT... Is there...

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    Started by dnhbond

  • liquid starch as marbling size, HELP!

    I'm still fairly new to marbling. I understand that "Sta-flo" liquid starch can be used to marble. How do I do this? Do I add it to the...

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    Started by Gary Andersen

  • Marbling on leather

    Has anyone tried marbling on leather? Or know if the marbling paints will work on leather?

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    Started by murrelw

  • Marbling Questions

    Hi! I've been playing with the Marbling Kit for a few days, and I've got some questions I haven't been able to figure out answers to...would...

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    Started by anythingonce