• Screen printing resolution - line width

    I am considering a project that will require screen printing fine line work onto glass using traditional inks rather than glass-particle inks. ...

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    Started by Larry2

  • Screen Inks

    Hi, I wanted to know if the Screen Inks are opaque or transparent. Will they cover existing color or pattern. thanks. I enjoy reading all your thread.

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    Started by redchilly

  • Screen printing on polyester

    I'd like to start screen printing on polyester/polyester blends. Has anyone attempted this with Jacquard's Professional Screen Printing inks?

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    Started by barehandedpress.etsy.com

  • Pantone Matching System

    I seen there is a wide color gamut in the Jacquard Professional Screen Inks system and I wanted to know if there is a Pantone Matching System...

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    Started by markink

  • Inks Inks Inks

    I am very new to screen printing, and I am getting supplies. What type of ink is best for using on 100% cotton tshirts. I have seen acrylic and...

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    Started by tigerformula

  • curing Screen Printing Ink on metal ?

    Hi, I just started a project screen printing to an aluminum surface. I'm using Jacquard Screen Printing Ink and wanted to know if there's anything...

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    Started by don

  • screenprinting on glass

    Can Jacquard screen printing inks be used on glass? The description says "fabric, paper, plastic, vinyl, leather, metal, & more!" and I am...

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    Started by bevontheroad

  • Ink Clean up

    Once done printing t-shirts, what is a really good soap to use (along with water) to clean ink off of screens? I use Versatex & Jacquard Professional...

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    Started by Shirtgame

  • what screen/mesh do you recommend?

    i used the versatex screen printing inks for printing on clothes, im quite new to it.The first pot i bought was thick (mustve been old) but it worked...

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    Started by acupuncture

  • Help! Opaque white cracking...

    Hi all, I need some help. I'm screen printing opaque white on a black 100% cotton gildan tees. It's a large image therefore a lot of white. I tried...

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    Started by aliskoch