• How to get an "ecru" color with ipoly.

    HI there, I have a pair of white jeans that are 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex. I am planning to dye them using the idye Naturals "Ecru" (looks...

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    Started by jjackgist

  • How slow is "cool slowly"?

    Hi In the iDye instructions it says at the end to "cool slowly" then wash with mild detergent. How slow is is slow? Can you just leave it...

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    Started by hoji

  • Dyeing a dress without knowing the kind of cloth

    Hey! I would like to dye a dress which looks as chiffon but I'm not sure of the kind of cloth it's made of as there is no label. Should I mix dye for...

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    Started by Ladysuss

  • Brown color with idye poly

    Hi Alex I am having a hard time getting a nice deep brown. The brown dye continues to give me (pretty) greens but not brown on my velvet. I have also...

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    Started by detobias

  • Re-dying cotton

    Hi all I've dyed some cotton sofa covers (Ektorp from Ikea) with the chartreuse iDye. Now its done it looks a bit more acidic and yellow than I'd...

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    Started by Ridlesthwate

  • Anyone ever dyed outdoor furniture cushion covers?

    Tried all purpose RIT dye, did not work. May be a little darker, not much. I could not find any labels in the covers. I now believe the fabric is...

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    Started by Melissa

  • Polyester

    Greetings- I just finished dying my first ever piece of polyester. I used iDye Poly, and will definitely need a LOT more practice. However, I have...

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    Started by AJCCOKUJHAWK

  • Idye poly taupe

    any ideas on making a warm earthy taupe from idye poly? And a nice brown? Your browns produce a deep gold for me, beautiful but not brown. Should I...

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    Started by detobias

  • Dyeing 100% polyester bridesmaids dresses

    Hello, I bought 4 light grey/blue bridesmaids dresses and wanted to dye them dark green. They are 100% polyester social bought 4 packets of the...

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    Started by Sweetenough

  • Dyeing wool/cotton blends

    I have been looking all over your website to find the best dye for using on a wool/cotton blend sweater. It is 36% wool, 26% cotton, 26% rayon and...

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    Started by saroo

  • iDye Poly packets

    I am curious if anyone has attempted to “cut” a dissolving packet in half and get two uses out of one??

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    Started by AJCCOKUJHAWK

  • Dyeing Plexiglas

    I'm using iDye Poly to dye Plexiglas and it works great but makes the Plexi sticky. When I take it out of the dye and rinse it my gloves leave an...

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    Started by lindacelestian

  • Can iDye Poly be used in a roasting bag?

    I have a large jacket that I am wanting to dye black. I was thinking of using my electric roaster as it's large enough, I can control the...

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    Started by juliwhite39

  • iDye Poly Black - SLS 3D Printed Nylon

    Hi, I've been working on dyeing SLS printed nylon parts with black iDye Poly. When I add the dye to boiling water, a shiny, brown film forms on the...

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    Started by jtruesdell29

  • Advice on dyeing very bright orange to burned orange

    Original Post Date: October 8, 2018 User: nevynev Hello! Hoping to get some advice on dyeing. What colour or combination of colours should I use...

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    Started by jacquardproducts

  • idye poly black: vegan?

    Original Post Date: October 15, 2018 User: Mrscreepshow 1: Does Jacquard conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals? 2: Is your IDYE poly...

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    Started by jacquardproducts

  • Questions about to shared Techniques

    1. The ipoly sneakers done by @nicklivingstonedesign post to Instagram. I'm going to try by first mixing the ipoly in a bucket of hot water, then add...

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    Started by Lightsubscriber

  • Pastel colors with iDye Poly

    Hello lovely people! :) I have some wedding dresses and I'd love to color them to pastel colors, cold beige/"nude" and dusty pink. How I...

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    Started by Joanna90

  • Olive Drab

    I want to dye a pair of faded khaki jeans olive. They are cotton/spandex blend. Since olive is only available in natural idye, what color could I use...

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    Started by xixirose

  • Dye Intensifier

    I dye poly velvet with your idye poly. We have corresponded before and you have said that softer poly fabrics do not need the intensifier as much as...

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    Started by detobias

  • Tips on correctly using iDye colors?

    I plan to dye some pure white sheets (a natural linen fabric, according to the manufacturer) a beige color. I picked up four packets (13 grams each)...

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    Started by stablemate

  • idye poly mixing colors chart?

    Is there a chart for idye poly similar to the procion mx table which gives recommendations for colors based on mixing colors? thanks.

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    Started by detobias

  • iDye and pastel shades

    I have some white cotton voile that I want to dye to a pastel peach color in my washing machine-- I've noticed that the iDye packets tend to be...

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    Started by tanya2s

  • I need my purple fabric to dye grey. Help!

    I had pink fabric. Used rit grey, turned light purple. Used iDye poly grey and turned darker purple. I need grey. Please help me.

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    Started by Addy

  • Sage Green Natural iDye

    Hi! I need help with trying to get a sage green with cotton using iDye. Any recommendations? Thanks! Maddie

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    Started by madfran8