• Leaking dye - iDye on Cotton

    Hi all, I dyed cotton for blindfolds (my hula hoop group does meditative blindfolded hooping) and I picked iDye because I wanted a variety of...

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    Started by Desanera

  • I-Dye

    iIhave just finished dying cotton scarves with the I-dye and love it! I used the I-dye fiaxative to help with excess color, it was fabulous, BUT,...

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    Started by mollymadethis

  • Cold water wash for iDye?

    Help! I've got a white cotton dress that I want to dye a bright colour (say blue or green), but only have access to a washing machine that has NO...

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    Started by DyerDownUnder

  • Two tone dying with iDyePoly... Wicking???

    I am trying to dye some 100% poly fabric two tones... the top 1/3 black and the bottom 2/3 red. I am using the stove top method. I dyed the bottom...

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    Started by niksim

  • Machine dying polycotton with iDye

    I need to dye a polyester cotton twill (approx 200 g/sqm 67% polyester, 33% cotton) ideally in the washing machine (95 degree C wash temp available)....

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    Started by gargoyle

  • Saturation with iDye

    First time with this dye. Heavy canvas in a top load washer. Setting on warm to avoid too much shrinking. Added dye and then salt and mixed it for a...

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    Started by swarthy.toves

  • iDye for Tencel

    Can I use iDye to dye Tencel rayon fabric?

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    Started by kittykatmeow

  • Cleaning washing machine after Idye use.

    Hi, I have a top loader twin tub. Has anyone got suggestions on how to clean the washing machine after I've finished dying? Do you do a bleach...

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    Started by rosiesstuffnsew

  • Lighter color

    I'm planning to use i Dye Poly to dye a 100% polyester dress that is currently white. All of the polyester dye colors are so dark and I would prefer...

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    Started by Sandy

  • Newbie question

    Hi, I'm hoping to dye a 97% nylon/ 3% spandex camisole. I was hoping to get a color similar to the iDye silver grey. I have some very basic questions...

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    Started by minnow

  • iDye

    Can I use IDye in a front loading washing machine for a mohair sweater. and how much salt, is 1/2 cup ok??

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    Started by lowestopdonna

  • Qustion about iDye -- after the fabric dries

    I used green, pink, and blue iDye last night. I pre-washed them with professional textile detergent and followed all the instructions. I then used...

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    Started by shopmimigreen

  • Okay to put iDye Poly saturated clothes in washer?

    I put some clothes in a bucket of iDye Poly water and waited 12 hours. What should I do now? Should I rinse the clothes in some fresh water and put...

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    Started by audiosymmetry

  • More trouble with Idye Poly

    I'm trying to dye a long, lightweight polyester skirt. I used one packet of the Green Poly dye, on the stovetop with simmering water, dye packet is...

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    Started by mwynn13

  • Mixing blue and black to get a dark blue.

    When trying to get a dark blue I've mixed blue and black together with other dyes but have never used this brand before. Has anyone does this? Is the...

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    Started by charitylread

  • Dyeing blue jeans

    Hey there! I am a new dyer and wanted some tips to dyeing a pair of blue jeans to brown using idye poly and idye. Should I strip the blue color first...

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    Started by maddie964

  • iDye Poly salt n vinegar? + Shade of Peach

    I have some 100% polyester crinkle georgette to dye. I have purchased some iDye Poly and I will have to use the stove top method, but am uncertain if...

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    Started by Lorni

  • Issues with iDye Poly

    So Iam in the middle of dyeing a pair of %100 polyester pair of white shorts. Stovetop,low heat, been immersed for about half an hour now, no where...

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    Started by Mezi

  • dyeing old acrylic afghan with idye poly

    I have an old, ugly afghan in shades of cream, orange and rust, which I believe to be knitted with acrylic yarn. I appreciate the wonderful...

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    Started by duberchin

  • idye didn't dye

    I tried using the dyes in my washing machine and none of the dye took. I am dying wool that has all been washed. I even let the wool and dye soak...

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    Started by frereplay

  • Tie Dye with iDye

    I recently bought some packets of iDye, thinking that it might be fun to use for tie dye. But once I started to read more about the process online,...

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    Started by DTHams

  • IDye Poly weight proportions to material

    I am an experienced dyer in knowledge if not in practice, and was very excited to get my first pkg of iDye poly dyes. I normally use smaller than...

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    Started by Tara

  • Wanted black, got purple

    Hi, I was dyeing two cotton dresses using iDye in a top loading washing machine. I followed all the directions, used very hot water, let them agitate...

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    Started by mikkih

  • Help with Idye Poly

    Hello all my name is Stan and new to this group. I have been using the acid power dyes for some time, but they don't really give me the intense color...

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    Started by Stan C