• Dyeing multiple pieces in the same dye session (?)

    Hello, I just purchased the Indigo Tye Dye Kit and am excited to try it! I just wanted to clarify the instructions first. Step 9 in the instruction...

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    Started by JRG

  • INDIGO TIE DYE : preparation and duration

    Hello, I'm French, I ask you to excuse my English translation. :-) I bought 1 kit "Indigo Tie Dye Kit" I prepared in a container...

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    Started by Aladous

  • Wash instructions for Indigo

    Our T-shirts came out Very Cool after indigo dye. Just I need more advice how to wash them. It looks like color is washing out and white be omes...

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    Started by perle

  • dying wool fabric with pre-reduced indigo?

    So I've got an old boiled wool blanket that I was thinking of dyeing with the Jacquard pre-reduced indigo kit. Does anyone have experience with...

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    Started by pixdyer

  • temperature of indigo dye vat????

    I bought the indigo dye kit and in the instructions it says the vat should be kept between 68 to 85 F. I live in central Mexico and these days the...

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    Started by sharron

  • indigo dye is not lightfast

    Hi -- I love your indigo dye kit, and used it happily two weeks ago, getting some nice deep colors. Afterward I washed all the fabrics thoroughly....

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    Started by fresh_eyes

  • unwanted scaly look with indigo

    hi -- i have been dying 100% cotton in pre-reduced indigo and instead of a nice even blue, i am getting....a scaly look. any ideas what is...

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    Started by ckc

  • Indigo solution disposal

    Hi, I've used the indigo tie-dye kit when we lived in the city and disposed of the solution down the drain as it says you can do in the safety...

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    Started by lmwolfe49

  • Getting darker indigo color

    This weekend I tried out the Indigo dye kit with my kids. I was trying to dye a jacket a very dark indigo (see Blue Blue Japan for an idea of what I...

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    Started by grendel

  • Indigo dye kit

    I prepared my indigo dye vat as directed, (I think...) and there was no "flower", just some random foam and then I waited for an hour and...

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    Started by jardinesparrot

  • indigo dye for a silk and cotton RL bedspread

    I would like to dye an RL silk and cotton thin bedspread from natural cream to indigo - Is that something that can be done and what is the best way...

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    Started by gifvdw

  • Blue hands

    How do I get the dye off my hands?

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    Started by Jan

  • Re-dying tencel denim shirt - help in how to do it

    I have a dark denim tencel button down shirt from Anthropologie last season. I have washed it as per instructions in cold water. Unfortunately the...

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    Started by Jdeg

  • dying mixed fiber yarn

    I have some yarn I want to overdye. It is a mixture of wool, Mohair, silk and rayon (Fiesta La Boheme in a colorway I don't like). Will indigo...

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    Started by ckaplan

  • Help with Overdying Synthetic Yarn

    I've found a mixed fiber yarn (poly/acrylic/nylon) in what I would describe as a grey color with a pinkish/purplish tint (I've seen it described as a...

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    Started by Jenim30

  • help with indigo dye kit

    I have used the indigo tie dye kit before with excellent results, but today I'm having some trouble. I started a new vat, following the instructions...

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    Started by pixiewear

  • Refreshing an indigo dye pot

    We had a wonderful group dye day today, using the Jacquard indigo kit. The flower didn't seem to me to be very obvious when I returned it to the dye...

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    Started by mlbs

  • Indigo Dye Kit

    I purchased an Indigo Dye kit and require half of the package. Can I simply measure 1/2 of ingredients and follow instructions? I don't require...

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    Started by berkeleystudent

  • Stamping with Indigo

    I have some great old Indian printing blocks that I'd like to use with indigo. Is there a way to thicken the indigo for printing? Any other...

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    Started by kcahill

  • Indigo & fabrics

    Hi, What type of fabrics will indigo dye? I am really interested in wool, silk, bamboo, cotton, nylon and rayon. Thanks, Kathleen

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    Started by kfromnj2

  • Pre Reduced Indigo

    Got my bags of Pre Reduced Indigo today and am waiting for a warmer day to get started. Just wanted you at Jacquard to know how I appreciate the...

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    Started by lynn