• Help painting on leather shoes.

    Hello I have seen a whole lot of fascinating work with shoe(leather) painting, but the question i have been asking myself for a very long time is how...

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    Started by Wollid

  • Sealer for paint on dog collars

    Hello! I have been painting on nylon dog collars with Jacquard paint and other fabric paint. My dilemma is that after the dogs romp around a bit,...

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    Started by jkkellum

  • painting on leather

    This is for a more casual project. I have a brown leather purse that I would like to paint. Since I have used the purse for some time, it will...

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    Started by Lovelypainteddancer

  • Sherrill's Sorbet Colors

    I purchased Sherrill's Sorbet Colors light bodied paint kit. Can I use this paint on polymer clay? Do I need to bake it first? Any suggestions would...

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    Started by Fredda Myers