• need henna kit instructions

    we bought the mehndi henna kit and we can't find the instruction book now that we're ready to use it! Help!!!

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    Started by medamom3

  • Body art

    Hi, as we were putting the final touches on my daughter's halloween costume last night it came to my attention that these pigments I have used...

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    Started by Lionessg

  • Henna expiration date

    Is the date on the bottom of the box on the sticker above the batch# the expiration date, or the manufacture date? I just bought a kit that says...

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    Started by seizetsu

  • instructions

    can you send me the mehndi henna kit instructions to (email address removed) ?

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    Started by inlovewithart112

  • henna kit uniformity

    Hey, So we've on occasion purchased the mehndi henna kits. And after 3-4 pretty much know what to expect. However, we picked one up today, and...

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    Started by bergw

  • hey! i need the instructions for the henna kit!

    please send them =)

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    Started by k&a10101

  • mehndi henna kit

    I just bought a henna kit but the instructions and design ideas sheet is not in the box. Would anybody have it or what should I do ? thanks for your...

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    Started by marie