• water based resists

    Our art department has just got lots of Jacquard clear waterbased resist. Some students want to have silver or black lines instead of the clear. We...

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    Started by Sandie Spink

  • screen printing on silk

    Can I silk screen the metallic water-based resist on silk? If so, how do I keep the resist from drying on the screen and destroying it? Also, what...

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    Started by tamlinsky

  • removing water-based resist

    Since the Jacquard water-based resist was reformulated, I cannot remove it from steamed silk pieces. I am using Jacquard Red Label Dyes on chiffon...

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    Started by silksiren

  • Adding "dots" to a piece without using a stamp

    I'm doing a series of letters using Jacquard water-based resist to outline the letters and then Dyna Flow as the paint. I want to decorate the...

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    Started by bernhard

  • metallic resists

    I just bought Jacquard's metallic resists as I want the color to stay on my designs. I'm using 8mm Habatai and 12mm Crepe de Chine with both Jacquard...

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    Started by pcgoul

  • Another question... Resist

    Hi again, This forum is so helpful! Thanks so much for your timely responses. Anyway, I have a question about water-based resist. I read that I...

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    Started by ellie52

  • Would water-based resists work on rayon?

    It appears from my previous question that T-shirt fabric is just too open-weave to hold the Dye Na Flow back after applying resist. That makes sense...

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    Started by bernhard

  • Having trouble using water-based resists on cotton

    I'm trying to do some drawings on cotton T-shirts, using resists and Dye-Na-Flow. I've tried your Permanent Metallic Resist and your clear...

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    Started by bernhard

  • Removing Gutta

    We are new to silk dying. Our practice efforts had us removing the gutta with mineral spirits. This did a poor job. We just finished a bigger project...

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    Started by steve78412

  • gutta vs wax type resists

    I dye nylon with acid dyes, and them steam, and wash with synthropol I am looking for a resist that can be applied with a brush, steamed, and would...

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    Started by kiter

  • Metallic Resists - how stiff? and Pearlex question

    Hi - I'm in pursuit of shiny, but being really picky about it. I'd like to try the Jacquard metallic resists, but am afraid they'd be too stiff on...

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    Started by Lunargent

  • Water Based "resist" doesn't - resist, that is

    Hi - I have the Jacquard silk painting kit, and was playing around with the water-based resist and the gutta, which I also ordered. It wasn't on...

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    Started by Lunargent

  • Jacquard Chemical Resist

    I am not able to find any information or instructions on Jacquard web site regarding the use of Chemical Resist, but have found a couple of links...

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    Started by Puffin

  • Water Based Resist seems runny

    I just purchased the Jacquard Water Based Resist and I'm using it on 16 mm silk crepe de chine and it seems very runny to me. I shook the resist and...

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    Started by Cat

  • Using solvent based gutta like wax

    Hi, Can solvent based gutta be used for tub dyeing ? I want to draw the design using a solvent based gutta and then immerse the fabric in a black...

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    Started by chandranic

  • Please Review Resists

    I'd like more information about resists in silk painting with dyes vs. fabric paints. 1. Which types of resists retain their color after washing...

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    Started by christie60

  • resist die

    Can you diebath a polysilk with permanent resist water-based die? If yes, how do you do it....... I tryed and the die rosed to the top of the...

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    Started by chels2526