• No Flow

    Hi, is it possible to speed up the drying time of No Flow by dry ironing the fabric? I know it will dry the fabric but will it change the...

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    Started by Mossmilldesign

  • Polyester/cotton 80/20 but 30C washing tag?

    Hi I have some bright white dresses that I want to dye pretty much any colour just to take it down from the gleaming white that it is now. I've...

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    Started by hoji

  • Discharging Cashmere

    Hi All, I have a black cashmere coat that I never wear anymore. I'd like to discharge a little of the colour, just enough to re-dye it a dark...

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    Started by AlexB

  • Alum

    Can anyone tell me if an alum solution will keep for future use? Or do I need to mix it up new each time? I'm new to marbling on silk and am still...

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    Started by lauren

  • Overdyed cashmere and need to lighten - will color remover work?

    Hello I have over-dyed a light green cashmere sweater to near black using the spruce acid dye. Guess my surprise. I wonder if I am able to...

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    Started by Jburd

  • Decolourant discharge paste not working on silk?

    I painted your Decolourant on a test piece of silk habotai hoping to get noticeably lighter shades where the discharge paste was applied. I let it...

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    Started by silveroats

  • Color magnet is hard to wash off stencils, any tips?

    I've used both the pen and paste and find it hard to get off my stencils. Even if I soak the stencils before the CM has dried on them, in warm water...

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    Started by tiara

  • Conflict concerning amount of dyeset to use

    I am trying to figure the amount of permanent dyeset needed for a 14" X 72" scarf. The instructions on the bottle say to mix 1 oz per 3...

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    Started by cindyweaver51

  • Using Thickener

    I'm doing a combination of screen printing and hand painting on 100% cotton. I have procion MX dye powder, soda ash, urea, and sodium alginate, but...

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    Started by haleigh

  • Using color magnet with ice dyeing

    Can you stencil a fabric with the color magnet, dry thoroughly and then ice dye? Can you use more than one dye doing this? Afterwards can you use the...

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    Started by Joie

  • viscosity sodium alginate thickener

    What is the proper sodium alginate viscosity to print fabric lightweight wool 110g 1m2 , by Manual silk screen print

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    Started by maxman2020

  • Tool for creating negatives

    Instructor Annette told us there was an easy to use tool for creating negatives on their website. I cannot find it

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    Started by Jlpirozzi

  • steaming no flow

    I am a beginner here. I would like to try no flow. The instructions say it is hard to get out after steaming. Yet the colours must me steamed to fix....

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    Started by Rebekahqc

  • NoFlow removal from silk

    I primed my silk habotai with Jacquard NoFlow and then painted on thickened fiber-reactive dye. Great color and the NoFlow slowed/stopped the dye...

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    Started by SuzanneTX

  • How to soften the shade of color

    Hello, I have a garment sewn of stretchy fabric I assume is cotton with lycra/spandex in various 1-5cm brown and white color stripes. I am looking...

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    Started by anamijana

  • Airfix and Dy-na-flo

    So it seems if I want to avoid spending tons of time carefully ironing my silks to set the paint I should be using Airfix. Can I add it directly to...

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    Started by qirfa

  • Horizontal textiles Steamer

    Does anyone know where to get a wide stovetop or electric horizontal steamer in the uk or europe? Im using a fish kettle but it is a bit to small....

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    Started by Alangus

  • Do I need Permanent Dyeset Solution?

    Hello, I am hand painting onto PFD Cupro which is a cellulose fiber fabric. I am using Jacquard Textile Colors. On my first test I heat set the...

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    Started by PGF

  • Wet Color Magnet and dry dye

    You have a video showing a technique of sprinkling dry Procion dye powder onto a wet color magnet design that was applied to a shirt with the color...

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    Started by trailgirl444

  • Color Magnet and silk scarves?

    I just discovered the Color Magnet product, and would like to get a kit to play with. I see that the instructions say to put the dye in the washing...

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    Started by TSmith

  • AirFix substitute?

    I recently ordered Jacquard AirFix from a supplier. I received a bottle of Jacquard Synthrapol. The directions indicate it can be use to fix color...

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    Started by CatLady

  • Discharge printing towels

    I am discharging towels for the first time. Blue towels, white ink. Is there a secret to the mix? My prints almost look slightly yellow. Any help...

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    Started by agandsco

  • Using Jacquard Versatex Fixer on 2 layers of ink

    I'm trying to print red on 100% cotton black T-shirts with a white under-base beneath. My questions are: 1) Will the fixer work on the red since...

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    Started by HL0000

  • Castaway Stamp Pad

    I purchased this Stamp Pad Dec 2012 and have been trying to find successful ways of using this ink. The only success I had was on recycled...

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    Started by Shirley

  • How long does Airfix take to dry?

    How long do you have to wait before wearing a garment when mixing Airfix with the paint?

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    Started by bc1004