• Too much airfix...

    What happens if you add too much airfix? I'm using Dye-Na-Flow, but I have to eyeball the ratio as I'm using no where near a quart of it. What...

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    Started by bc1004

  • best way to get blue jeans white

    I am not sure i should use bleach as i have had denim fall apart after getting them white. Is there another way that wont break down fibers as much?...

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    Started by mlgoodwin86

  • Need help! Soda ash and Silk Painting

    I need to know what kind of dyes I should use for painting some silk scarves. I used acid dyes, but I can't get dark colors. Should I try different...

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    Started by Sydney

  • Color Removers

    Can you please tell me the difference between your iDye Color Remover and Color Remover products? Are they the same, just in different packaging?

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    Started by sherriabadillo

  • Does Dyeset Concentrate affect fabric marker lines on silk?

    I am using green label dyes and fabric marker for my scarf and found that some of the marker lines can be removed from my scarf after using dyeset...

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    Started by kathleendreilly

  • Already washed fabric in Oxiclean; Is Synaptrol still necessary?

    Hi folks, Before I thought of dying some vintage linens, I cleaned them well with Oxiclean (and lots of rinsing). Is it still necessary to wash...

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    Started by Gina

  • Removing dye/colour from suede and nubuck on shoes

    Hi, I have looked at the discharge paste and the colour remover and am very interested in whether this will work on nubuck or suede on shoes. I am...

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    Started by benjib

  • Stove Top Steamer Problem

    I have a new stove top steamer that I bought as a replacement for my last one but it is having the same issue. When in use the back becomes swelled...

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    Started by tylerfibers

  • Arte Colores

    I have some old bottles of Arte Colores dyes. I believe these were originally created by Jacquard. I would like to use them to dye cotton yarn. It...

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    Started by AshleyShea

  • Removing color from a seat cover?

    I have a bicycle seat cover that is red, and I'd like to remove the color. It doesn't matter if it turns brown, or a lighter red, or tan or pink or...

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    Started by Dane

  • color remover

    hi i,m dyeing wool jacketsbut could do with the color remover to take away the gry color allready in the wool cloth, can you tell me if your...

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    Started by warren

  • can cotton be unshrunk

    Hey,can cotton be unshrunk or can it shrink more once it shrunk?

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    Started by b.wise

  • Stove to steamer directions

    I have a Rupert Gibbon and Spider Stove top Steamer, but cannot locate the directions. Does anyone have some suggestions for obtaining them online? I...

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    Started by rainbowstar

  • Synthrapol

    Hello, Is there any other product/soap I can use in place of Synthrapol? Thanks

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    Started by Cece01

  • Proper disposal of Methocel?

    Is there any stated recommendation in company literature (or experience) as to how to properly dispose of Methocel? I realize that if the paints (in...

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    Started by keltech317

  • Stamping on Silk Fabric

    I am dyeing silk fabric and after this stage is done I want to stamp my logo onto the fabric using a stamp pad & stamp. Trying to find a stamp pad...

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    Started by Crystal

  • scarf blanks

    I am looking for scarf blanks with the wide ruffle edge...I can only find plain scarves....Please help ..Linda

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    Started by fancy me

  • rongalit st

    Can we use rongalit st in discahrge paste and the paste stable unlimited time. Steam is nesessary or heat dryer?

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    Started by imran

  • hat

    I purchased a bush hat like the one I wore in Viet Nam. What can I do to get a faded and worn look? Dale

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    Started by dale

  • Issue with Liquid Reactive Dyes congealing?

    Hello good people at Jacquard, I'm wondering if anybody has had the experience of these dyes congealing inside the bottle. I've had a few colours...

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    Started by shibori-borealis

  • enamel?

    is there any of the dyes or products that can be high gloss like an enamel coating?

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    Started by meggysue

  • stenciling

    Hello, this is my first time on this site. so thankyou in advance for patience.. i like the idea of how a discharge dye looks in the end. what dye...

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    Started by meggysue

  • Bleaching feathers

    I have obtained a lot of coque feathers which are naturally black/brown. I would like to colour these different colours but will need to lighten...

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    Started by justjules

  • Dye/paints and extender

    I want to do some protraits on 100 cotton fabric. What do I use? I heard there is a extender for won't change to color. I will be using brushe's...

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    Started by ccjj

  • embossing silk velvets

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to emboss silk velvet with natural items like feathers and sea fans ANY HELP will be SOO appreciated. I'm...

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    Started by anna bourne