• Tinting a Concrete Floor with Jacquard

    Hi, you guys! Project question of the day, here. Had I experience, time, monetary resources, or good sense, I probably wouldn't even attempt this;...

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    Started by McJohn

  • Finding Polyeater Casting resin. (clear Curing)

    Help! I am new to the forum and I would like to know if there is anyone in Canada, (if there are any members??) who can tell me where I obtain clear...

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    Started by Spinhold

  • Stovetop Steamer

    Hi Everyone, I'm getting out of dyeing to concentrate on my painting. I have a new in the box, never used Jacquard stovetop steamer that I just...

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    Started by wyanne

  • Paper parasols

    Can anyone help me to locate a supplies of plain blank paper parasols that could be used as art projects. Thank you ... Charlie

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    Started by Charlie

  • Airfix

    Does Airfix turn clear and dry tacky? If so how long does that take? Thankn You

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    Started by nmcglynn

  • Bleaching Feathers White

    How do I Bleach Feathers White? I heard that a 20% solution hydrogen peroxide works. What is the proper technique. Then, Acid dye will dye the...

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    Started by gilbram

  • product question

    :rolleyes: I have something of your products that I do not know what it is. The containers have no product name, are small cylindrical clear plastic...

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    Started by glo

  • Castaway inkpad, acid free?

    I was wondering if the Castaway ink pad is acid free? I want to use it on my scrapbook pages. Thanks. Chris

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    Started by misschris

  • blank ready-made tops/tunics 4 batik/dye

    Does anyone know where I can buy women's ready made tops(tunics, t's, etc) made of linen or silk that are ready to be dyed or batiked? I have...

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    Started by sherburd

  • Discharge Screenprinting?

    I'm looking for anyone with experience in using Jacquard Discharge Paste with screenprinting? When drying the garment, can it go through a gas...

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    Started by Skyline

  • Interference paint techniques

    I am looking for ideas or tips on how to use interference paints on clay, and paper. Please help if you have any suggestions. Thanks.

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    Started by closetstamper

  • chicken cars

    While in Guatemala with my brother, we fell in love with the chicken buses. I will be delivering a used car to my brother in June and would like to...

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    Started by Hovawart

  • Jacquard No-Flower Primer

    I took a silk painting class at a community arts center in the spring and fell in love with it. We used the Serti technique and Jacquard green label...

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    Started by Julie Miller

  • Castaway Stamp Pad

    I'm making banners for my church and am using hand dyed fabrics for the banner. I'd love to be able to stamp angels on some of the fabrics. Can I...

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    Started by Judy

  • Castaway Stamp Pad

    I bought the castaway stamp pad. But when I go to use the iron on the ink it does not seem to changing the way I think it should. Is there a specific...

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    Started by Berly

  • problem with steamer core

    I am using your upright steamer and have recently purchased the stainless steel steamer core. It bends so the paper and silk touch the sides. Water...

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    Started by sallydillo

  • Notice to our Customers

    Notice to Our Customers We've received feedback lately from people having difficulty with the Castaway Stamp Pad . As we explored the issue, we...

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    Started by Noelle

  • Castaway Stamp Pad

    Has anyone tried the new Castaway Stamp pad

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    Started by Berly

  • Help with squeeze bottles

    I use the squeeze bottles with the metal tips. They blotch badly, no matter how little pressure I use. I apply your paints and inks and was...

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    Started by Donna Jo