• Dip-Dye Ombre

    I am sewing a skating dress and would like to dip-dye ombre the skirt from dark color (at the top) to white (at the bottom). I probably will use...

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    Started by Josee

  • nylon skin kayak

    I am in the process of building a skin-on-frame kayak. It will be covered with nylon. Others have used Jacquard dyes for color. What is the best...

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    Started by mboze

  • Painting dye on wool

    On some wools, I have trouble getting dye to wet the fabric when painting. It seems that the natural oils in the wool keep the dye from flowing...

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    Started by uosis

  • dupont french dyes

    am new in the area. am in Victoria,B.C. where can I get Dupont french dyes,please? I prefer a Canadian co.,in B.C. if possible. thanks,dina

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    Started by dina kohn

  • ties

    I want to paint on stretched fabric to use to make ties. I don't want to have a finished but white tie to start with. Is there a way to send in...

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    Started by kathleen

  • Dying Plastics?

    I'm looking for information on dying plastics..where is the best place to get started and find information and instructions? I saw something about...

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    Started by shaggydabomb