I have a doubt, which dye is best in order to obtein brighter colors in a 100% cotton fabric?  Idye or  Procion mx?Apparently both work well in cotton, but I guess on is better than the other. So if you could help me with your wise advices I will much appreciate it.

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
It depends a little in what you want.  Idye is better to get a super even color quickly.  Procion dyes are usually brighter(and the dye is more permanent) but are a little harder to get darker colors.  You need 3x the salt as soda ash for procion to get dark.  

Idye is faster, and easier to get even.  Hot water.  

Procion is more permanent, brighter, but takes longer to dye.  This is because it uses cold water
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