Juturna67 Juturna67
How many shirts can I put in my bucket of soda ash water?(I'm using the soda ash packet that came with the kit) Also, is there anywhere online where I can order the jars of dye instead of having to buy the kits over again?
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JennyR JennyR
How many shirts will fit into 2 gallons of water, is going to depend on the size of the shirts. You can add as many as will be able to get completely soaked with the soda ash and water solution. This solution can be reused until it is gone. So when you pull out the shirts, you can squeeze the excess solution back into the bucket to use again. Please visit the product page for the Procion MX dyes and click the "where to buy" button to find brick and mortar and online retailers of the individual bottles of Procion MX Dye.

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