shasbot shasbot
that stove top dye mix worked very well however for my coustome I have to buy
a hat that matches the color excatly. so i was wondering if i can use whats left of
the dye if it has been sitting for a while just in case i need to darken it up more
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Asher Asher
The short answer is: YES! You should be able to keep your dye and reuse it when the time comes. If the iDye sits for too long and gets too cold, however, the dye can come out of solution (especially if you've used salt in your dye bath). Adding more water and bringing the temperature back up should take care of that, but remember that when you add water, you'll also be diluting your dye bath, which will produce lighter depths of shade. So if your dye does come out of solution, use as little water as you can get away with to redissolve it. That way you won't lose too much intensity of color...
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