Cricket63 Cricket63
Hi! I used to tie-dye back in my hippie days and have seen some beautiful creations that has developed over the years. So I thought I would try it again. I purchased the green label dyes and some silk scarves that I plan to tie dye. Although, I have never tie dyed silk, only cotton, can you Pro's give me a little advice, suggestions or tips that I should be aware of.

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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

The green lable is really designed for use as a silk paint. You can use it as a dye to tie dye with but its not the most economical way to go. You may wish to dilute the colors slightly and wet the silk to enable the colors to penetrate into the fibers more easily. Bind the fabric tightly to resist the dye.

Green label must either be steamed or fixed with dye set concentrate to make it washable. Here's a link to the instructions page...


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