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I am interested in dyeing a white cotton lace dress that has a polyester lining. I had hoped to achieve a light shade of aqua. However, the only color I could find in both iDye and iDye Poly was turquoise. If I want a lighter shade using these dyes what technique should I use? I will be satisfied with any light to medium shade of blue. Just worried that because I am starting with white, it might come out very dark.
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Hi Baygirl,

Your best way to go is to start with the Turquoise and simply dilute the full strength dye to 1/4 or 1/2 the recommended amount in the dye bath.
Best way to go about that would be to pre-dissolve each of the dyes in separate containers, and use only the amount you deem necessary from that solution in your dye bath. I do recommend erring to the side of caution - you can always over dye if you'd like the shade deeper than the first dyeing gives you.

hope this helps
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