mykate88 mykate88
Hi all
I am new to Jaquard acid dying and wondered if any of you have favorite, tried and true color combinations for silk scarves.
I have done the primary color palette (many blues, reds and yellows) but want to branch out a bit. I hate to waste my blank scarves and wonder if any of you can advise. I have looked at Etsy and Pinterest but would like your suggestions. I have no particular color favorites and not trying to match anything in particular.
Thank you.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
My favorite acid dye color are Lilac, Hot Fuschia, Navy, Kelly green, Gold Ochre, Spruce (very blue deep green), teal, and Brilliant Blue. Crimson and Scarlet are both pretty deep reds
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Madebypenguins Madebypenguins
Periwinkle is my favourite, i often use it for graduated colour yarn, lilac, pink and violet are also lovely... hot fuscia is great for a pop as is turquoise so so bright! As is the green one beginning with C (chatruruse?) can never spell it, not really into greens but it's a great pop colour.

Then outside of my colour comfort zone, the pumpkin orange, gold ochre and Aztec gold are also lovely warm colours.
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