I'm very new in the dyeing process. I would like to mix my acid dyes in order to get a garnet color. I have all the colors at my disposal, but am unable to find a mixing chart that is specific to jacquard. I am going to be dying nylon bra notions. Can anyone help ?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Hey, are you looking for deep scarlet red?  Darker not bright scarlet?  You might like crimson for this.  It might not be quite yellow enough for you.  I would do a small amount of yellow 9 parts Crimson 1 part yellow or even 20 Crimson to 1 part Sun Yellow.  

Acid dyes, not always, but often you get what the water looks like.  Match the dye water to what you want and then you will only have to make small adjustements.

If you want to make this from scratch.  Use 2 parts Hot Fuchsia and 1 part yellow to get a bright orangey red, and then just add tiny amounts of turquoise until it has the depth you want.  
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