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What steps do I take to acid dye boat seats. I can not remove the covers, and I need to dye them while they are attached to the boat. Someone said that I would have to set the dye with a hand steamer. Would I be able to use a heat gun instead? I don't own a steamer. I have allready ordered the dye from you. I just need to figger out how to use it.
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Hi Duane,

...the bad news is, the Acid dye isn't going to work in this application. Acid dye will not dye vinyl using any method and does need to either be applied and steam set in a steaming chamber (think steamed vegies) or by using a full immersion, stove top method (think pasta).
For something like a smooth, plastic-like vinyl you'll want to use one of our paints. Either the Neopaque or the Textile Traditional will work. The determining factor will be how opaque you need the coverage to be. These paints can also be set by adding the Air Fix product which replaces/reduces the need for heat setting. The links below offer more information about those products.

Happy boating!
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