djjoyfull djjoyfull
I've been experimenting using acid dyes on wool roving and handmade 100% wool felt. So far i've dyed with Navy Blue and Kelly Green. Both colors came out nothing like the color chart. The navy blue was dull and more purple than blue. The green came out very bright neon green. What did i do wrong? Too much water and not enough dye? not enough vinegar? For the green i was loooking for a natural green color that would be similar to that of the stems of flowers. What color would you suggest for that? Is there a dye i can overdye with to obtain the proper color?
Also, could i make dye stock and use the flowable painting instructions on the website to paint on wool?
Any advice I would greatly appreciate!
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JennyR JennyR
Every dye takes dyes differently, so that may be what is going on. However, in order to troubleshoot with you, we'll need to know several things-dye concentration, dye time, dye bath temperature, amount of vinegar, etc.

Yes, you can create dye solutions and do hand painting and then steam set. However, for those colors that don't stay soluble, you'll either have to reheat them or mix them right before using them and keep them up to temp.

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