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I want to dye a piece of ponjee silk. I want the colours to bleed into each other. For example, copper into teal, into blue etc.

I have some acid dyes and a conventional electric steamer.

I have tried steaming with acid dyes, this is what I've been doing. I lay out the clingfilm, place the silk (which has been soaking in a water with vinegar) on top and then apply the dye. Then I wrap up in the clingfilm and place in the steamer. I steam for 30 minutes, take out and rinse. I often have lines in the silk where the silk is lying in dye. Given my equipement what is the best way to dye and get a solid colour without the lines?

Do I need to apply dye to the silk and let it dry?

Do I need to wrap the silk in newsprint and then in clingfilm to keep the condensation off it?- it will touch the sides of the steamer.

Any points in the right direction, gratefully received.


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Dear Shelley,

You are on the right track. Allowing the silk to dry completely before steaming will help greatly to diminish (and probably completely take care of) the lines you are getting during steaming.
Jelly roll the silk in blank newsprint and steam without covering with clingfilm to achieve the best results. Wrapping the bundle with clingfilm will interfere with the steams ability to penetrate the fabric and you won't get a good dye fix. You do need to assure that the fabric/newsprint bundle is not touching the steamer in order to prevent condensation forming.

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