LadySybyl LadySybyl
Does anyone have the chem knowledge to tell me, can I use ascorbic acid in place of citric acid in dyeing? I know I can use ascetic (vinegar), but can I use ascorbic? I ask because ascorbic is easy to get, and citric not so much. (I don't need a whole lb, I'm likely to only need about 3-5 oz.)

Thanks for any help you can give!
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fjorlief fjorlief
Not sure if this will help, but you can often find citric acid in places that sell bulk herbs and spices it is also sometimes called "sour salt" - my local "natural food store" has a whole section of all kinds of things and I have bought citric acid there in small quantities, like a few tablespoons.

You can also buy small quantities online like this one from King Arthur Flour [url][/url]
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dsl dsl
On another forum (don't remember where) someone suggested checking out brewer's supply stores for citric acid. Turns out there is one very close to where I live, and they had citric acid in various size packages, very inexpensive. And as a bonus, they had lots of great measuring tools, pipettes, good thermometers, large stainless vessels - all kinds of things that I need for dyeing!
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pburch pburch
I see that you sent your same question to me yesterday. Not realizing you'd asked the same question here (though with more explanation here of why you wanted to do it), I went ahead and answered it in detail on my dyeing questions Q&A blog. (See my answer [URL=][U]here[/U][/URL].)

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