BaileyRo BaileyRo
I'm painting a sheetrocked enclosure of a zero-clearance woodstove deep black and applying metallic paint, attempting to get a marblized effect. The technique (I hope will work) involves the metallic paint applied first rather faint , achieved by cutting it with something--haven't figured out what yet--and applying it with feathers to get the rather random yet directional veining. The second application will be bolder, at 100% strength, and I'm thinking of how I might add Pearl Ex to get occasionally brilliant glints of metal, likely at the edges of thicker veins and perhaps isolated "dots". One thought is to use a pale gold metal paint for the first faint coat, and a brilliant copper for the foreground coat, and then use Pearl Ex accents in Antique copper and Super copper respectively. All surfaces to be painted are vertical--the horizontal surfaces are tiled in absolute black granite.

Any ideas or advice would be most welcome. Thanks!
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Hovawart2 Hovawart2
This may not be any use to you, but perhaps it will give you some ideas:

It's a youtube called "How to Stamp Concrete, DIY," by betterpaths.
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