gemini68 gemini68
I have a set of white linen curtains that I want to dye so they look more like what would probably be called 'natural' or 'hemp' -- just a hint of neutral color. I'm planning to use iDye in Ecru in a washing machine, but have no idea how much to use to keep the color VERY minimal, and/or if I should just use one packet then color remover...? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It will be 6 curtain panels, each 48" x 84". Thanks.
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pburch pburch
For a lighter color, use less dye powder. For a very pale color, you might use as little as one-tenth as much dye as you would use for the full color. It's better to use too little dye, and have to dye again, than it is to have to use color remover, which is not always predictable in its action.

Personally, I prefer Procion MX dye to iDye, because it does not require heat to set the dye, and it is more resistant to fading in the wash.

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