HannaG87 HannaG87
I have used i-dye before to dye two sets of 100% cotton curtains which started off white from ebay as my partner and I have just brought a house and cannot afford new curtains so we decided to buy them second hand and dye them for each room. The previous two turned out well, however I recently puchased a pair of curtains from ebay in cream which I thought were 100% cotton however they are actually 60% cotton and 40% polyester. I know do not know the best way of dyeing the, should I use i-dye or i-dye poly?
any advice would be great thanks
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pburch pburch
If you must have a very intense color, such as black or scarlet, you'll have to dye both the cotton (using iDye or Procion MX dye) and the polyester (using iDye Poly). That's a lot more trouble than dyeing only the cotton portion of the fiber, since polyester has to be boiled in order to get it to take the dye. For a color that is not quite so intense, you can dye just the cotton fibers in the blend, using either iDye or Procion MX dye. This is much easier since you can do it in the washing machine.
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