Rw24 Rw24
I am having a problem with the dye continuing to develop after I have set it on 100% cotton fabric. I have been using a capful of the special detergent in boiling water and then leave it for an hour, moving it every now and then. The print looks perfect at first but when I then leave it in the sun to test, the white areas start turning green! This is obviously not ideal when planning to sell a product, so any advice is much appreciated thankyou!!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

It actually sounds like you are getting all the solar fast out of the print. The problem is that it is in the water at a high enough concentration that it is getting dispersed through the whole garment.

You need to change the water at least once. What I do is rinse the print under the hot tap before I soak. Rinsing out as much of the dye before I do my soak. Then I soak, change the water once, and soak some more.

Even doing an additional rinse with the solar fast wash after you boil to get that last bit out will help.
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