jwieser2 jwieser2
I read a similar topic that discussed suitable products and application techniques for screen printing onto Acrylic, but I am interested in airbrushing intricate text onto an acrylic sheet (specifically, bright brass/gold onto a smooth, clear sheet.)

I have access to laser cutting, so my process was going to be to leave the protective wax-like paper on the acrylic, etch all of the outlines of the text, and use an xacto to pull up the paper where I want to paint. Then I will airbrush the sheet, and after the ink sets pull up the remaining paper.

My question is, is there a specific ink or treatment I should investigate that will result in a clean, high-resolution, durable, and uniformly smooth stencil print onto Acrylic that ideally is resistant to scratching?

Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
The airbrush colors are multi surface so should be pretty resistant to light scratching. You could add some GAC 200 from Golden Artists Colors which helps acrylics adhere better to non porous surfaces.
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