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I am an artist and would like to airbrush designs onto cotton velour. Is there a cool temperature dye that I can airbrush on, but do NOT have to rinse off? I don't want the colors to bleed.

Also, does anyone know if it will affect the softness of the velour? Lastly, will it need to be set with anything? I would like to use very dark brown on a cream color, and I'm concerned about the brown rubbing onto the cream if someone bumps up against it.

Any insight at all would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I'm a newbie.

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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Trish,

You'll not find a dye that does not need rinsing after application, but we do have a couple of fabric paints that may meet your needs. The one most likely to work for you is the[url=""] Dye-Na-Flow[/url]. [url=""]Dye-Na-Flow[/url] is set to the fabric by ironing. This is a very light bodied, transparent paint that mimics dyes very well. It affects the hand of the fabric very little although you may find some 'feel' on a nappy fabric like velour. I recommend a test prior to jumping into your project.

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