Hi Everyone,  as an artist I'm always interested in new mediums.  I love the intensity of the alcohol inks, but it seems the fading can be a real issue when it comes to marketing one's work.  Am I correct in the only way at present to market one's work with more confidence one is selling a painting that will not quickly fade, is to make a print and then market it as such?  Can the resin be poured over a print and will it look as dynamic (or close) to the original?    Thanks for any suggestions.   

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Hi Patsy- I feel your pain.. I'm in love with alcohol inks too, but I also worry about their archivalness .  You could get get a scan and giclee print made.   But thats pricey. Putting resin over it makes it more durable on the surface, but doesn't help with lightfastness.   Krylon -and Golden-both make a spray that is a sealer with a UV protectant.. It protects, but no guarantee on longevity.  If you find out another solution, I'd love to hear it! 
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The colors are dyes, so yes a UV protectant helps, but there is no silver bullet. One of the problems is yes you can reproduce a painting with an archival print, but they way they do that is with pigments, and you will never achieve the brightness of a dye with a pigment.  They are duller by nature.  

All that said, indoors the inks shouldn't be fading that fast. How long is it taking for your inks to fade?
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