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[font=Comic Sans MS]I am new to this whole wonderful world of dyes! Currently I am trying my hand at indigo. I saw your calendar, but only 1 show was listed .... is there a site I can check out to see about classes or conventions near my area?[/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS]thank you[/font]
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Hi Beverlie,

Oh! Indigo is such a wonderful place to start!!
I would recommend contacting or checking websites for your local art supply stores, universities or colleges (especially if you are lucky enough to have one that has a fiber arts course or two) and last, but never least check listings for fiber related guilds. Quilting guilds, spinning and knitting guilds, guilds related to fiber animals, silk painting guilds - these often have connection to or create their own classes.
Just one quick taste of what is out there:
Barbara is local to the San Francisco bay area, and there are lots more artist out there, like her, willing to share their experience.

Have fun on your journey with the dyes and don't hesitate to ask here if you have questions - you've just jumped into a wonderful new world!

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