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I'd like to dye some 30 years old nylon slips. But seam yarns never take much of color, if any color at all.
The water has been close to boiling, when using stove top method and I have tested Jacquard iDye Poly and Jacguard Acid dyes. I have added also spoon of citric acid.

Any more ideas how to dye nylon with seam yarns?
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Hi Ro,

The only thing that occurs to me is that the seams are acrylic - that would explain the lack of color pick up from either the iDye or iDye Poly. You'd want to use a Basic dye in your mix, or alternatively you could hand color the seams with a product like Dye-Na-Flow, or even a fabric marker like the TeeJuice Pens
We do sell a Basic dye, but only in bulk sizes and I suspect a pound is much more than you need so you might be better off considering one of the alternatives.

hope this helps
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