friedagirl22 friedagirl22
Has anyone ever used the Jacquard green label silk dyes for batik?
I was given a box full of dyes and I was wondering if they can be used for batik on cotton? Was Urea used for the chemical water?
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pburch pburch
You can use the Jacquard Green Label Silk Colors for batik on silk. However, you cannot use them successfully on cotton, because they also contain auxiliary chemicals that work only on protein fibers. Save them for use on protein fibers such as silk and fine wool. They will probably also work on uncoated nylon, because it is chemically similar to protein.

For batiking cotton, you can use Jacquard Red Label Silk Colors, which contain the same [URL=][U]Remazol[/U][/URL] type dyes, but lack the acidifier; on cotton, fixation requires a high-pH chemical such as [URL=][U]soda ash[/U][/URL] (sodium carbonate) or trisodium phosphate. You can also do very well with any other type of [URL=][U]fiber reactive dye[/U][/URL]. I recommend that you use Procion MX type dye, along with soda ash.

[URL=][U]Urea[/U][/URL] is not terribly important in the way that soda ash is, but you should use it if your recipe calls for it. It helps retain moisture longer, so that the dye has more time to bond to the fiber, which can result in more intense colors. Fiber reactive dyes cannot bond to the fabric without at least a tiny bit of water; the urea helps them to stay damp for a while after painting.

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