beige beige
Hi Guys,

I recently purchased some white overalls that I wish to dye a beige colour (for Ghost Buster uniforms :) ). I have some Ecru iDye but these overalls I have are a 65% Poly, 35% Cotton mix. What should I do?

Will they still dye a beige(ish) colour if I just use the dye I have?

Unfortunately there isn't really an iDye Poly colour that is close to Beige.. hmm.

Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated.
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pburch pburch
Beige is such a light color that you should be able to obtain it easily by dyeing just the cotton portion of your 35% cotton blend, using a light brown dye intended for natural cotton. There is no need to bother with polyester dyes when you want to produce only a pale color on this blend.

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