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I painted a fancy chiffon polyester dress using Dye-Na Flow paints yesterday. I was wondering how to best fix the dress. I know ironing is usually recommended but the dress has some delicate rouching that would be hard to access/ iron properly. From online it seems as though you can fix a dress by placing it in a dryer but I am unsure if that means home dryer.

What would you recommend is the best why to have my dress fixed?

My plan is to fix the dress. And then 1- 2 weeks after have it dry cleaned so that it is in top condition for my event which is in little over a month. I would like to have the capacity to wash in the future so that i can use the dress for other occasions
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susanadamsdesign susanadamsdesign
You can use a Jacquard product called Airfix
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]

Because you have already painted the dress using the AirFix at this point isn't going to be helpful.
What I would recommend is allowing the dress to air dry for a total of 72 hours (or better) then put it in your home dryer on the appropriate fabric setting and allow it to tumble for 30 to 45 minutes.
I would also recommend asking the dry cleaner to do a spot test with the chemicals they use. I think the dress will be fine, but as this is a 'make or break' deal I'm inclined to err to the side of caution.

hope this helps,
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