I have a question about the white alcohol ink - I’ve had to throw away a lot of pieces recently and I’m frustrated. I’ve tried doing the Petri effect. When I first started doing it, it turned out brilliantly, but lately, the ink is just not dropping...I’ve done 2-4 or 5 layers of ink and white ink, depending on the size of the piece and nothing. The other issue I’m having is if I add it to another color alcohol ink or in with mica powder, it’s been leaving white flecks. The only thing I’ve done differently from the beginning is I’ve bought a bigger bottle of white and have put a small amount (1/4 to 1/2 of the smaller bottle) into a smaller bottle with a needle tip to make it easier to drop it into the resin. Could that be affecting the quality of the white ink? Am I not mixing it enough to be getting the flecks? Is it the resin? I’ve been using Piñata, Ranger, and Brea Reese alcohol inks.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I haven't heard this before. The white is different than the other colors as it is pigmented instead of dye based.  That means shaking is important, when it isn't for the colors.  

The other thing about the white, and why you are probably having trouble with some of the other brands inks mixing with it, is that our inks are ethanol based rather than isopropyl based.  It's a small difference, but the white especially doesn't like isopropyl alcohol because it is less soluble in isopropyl.  If you add that instead of ethanol it tends to coagulate and or come out of solution in flecks.  So mixining it with a lot of Ranger isn't a good idea.  The whole reason our inks are darker and more intense is this difference in alcohol.  Ethanol is more expensive to produce and makes a better product in our opinion.  

It could also be a resin. The reason the white works in the first place is that it is more dense than the resin.  Id you had a lighter resin, it could prevent the white from working.  
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