pattypt pattypt
I have 2 pounds of a blended (50/50) cotton and wool roving. How best to dye this? I do not want a solid color, more of a heathery or mottled look is fine with me.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
As it is a blend you are probably going to get two different shades of color regardless of what you want so I would go for the mottled look.
Do a test first.
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Noelle Noelle
Hello pattyptYou can use [url=""]Procion MX[/url] to dye your roving. Follow the [url=""]instructions[/url] for immersion dyeing cellulose fibers. The cotton and wool fibers will likely take the color differently, as Celia said.
Add one more step to your process. After you have finished the dyebath, do your rinse out then neutralize the soda ash by soaking your roving in a bath of vinegar (use maybe 1/4 cup per gallon of water)--the soda ash is very hard on protein fibers, ie wool.

If anyone reading this has a better method, please post a response...we will all benefit!

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