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Hi there,
I work at a store in New Zealand that has been stocking I-Dye and I-Dye Poly for about a year and a half now. Generally it's popular, although the nice, cleanly removable packet does mean its been targeted by theives who ditch the outer wrap and pocket the inner.

As a result we usually open them and get a security tag stuck to the water soluable inner, after all when it goes through the wash that just falls away but its a ****** to get off the inner without tearing it.

But we're noticing differences in dye sachets within the same colour - some are arriving soft and maleable, others obviously just powder in a sachet. Some are totally bloated, as if a chemical reaction within has been releasing gases (think if a soft/liquid food packet has been left in the sun WAY too long...)

Is there a reason for this? Or should we be concerned about the state of the dye?

Also, FYI this last shipment we had to ditch 9/12 packets of colour remover for arriving with the inner sachets melting against the cardboard sleeves. :-S

We'd appreciate any advice available, but I'm making these enquiries for my own peace of mind not at the manager's request, and can't afford to call an overseas helpline.

- Chitara
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