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Hi, I made a beuatiful blue shade of blue (mixing turquioise a bit of fuxsia and jet black) and used it for my tie-dye.
When I rinsed it, the blue just washed away, while black and fucsia bonded well. So I ended up with something like a dark magenta.

I followed instructions carefully and i left the color settle for 12 h.
Might it be that blue needs to settle more?
Might it be because off my water?
Any idea?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
That is really strange. These were all procion MX dyes correct?

Was the turquoise cakey or clumpy at all? Sometimes exposure to moisture can ruin the dye if it gets wet long before you use it.

I would love to know the batch number. I could check to see if there has ever been an issue with that batch. It is a 5 digit number usually stamped near the bar code.
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