Barbara L Barbara L
I'm new to Jaquard products and I've just started using Textile, Lamiere and Dy-na-flo paints in the 2.25 oz bottle. This may sound weird but I'm use to having a pop-top bottle for fluid acrylics (Golden, Liquitex) and find it odd that these bottles don't have one. Is there a pop-top cap that I can get somewhere to replace the regular cap? Or, do you have some tricks to getting the paint out of the bottle without making a mess? I've been using a small palette knife but I have to clean it to switch colors. I find it so much easier to have a pop-top.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Barbara,

Thank you for your note.
We don't have a flip top available for the 2.25 ounce containers of the Lumiere, Textile or Dye-Na-Flow paints. I will, however, bring you query to the attention of the product development team. It may be that such a cap is not available but, we do track inquires of this sort and do our best to address such request if we get many.

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